Red Lion Security invests in regular and thorough training and development for our staff. We boast a very comprehensive "Staff Induction" process.

Red Lion Security also delivers training programs to develop the in-house expertise of our clients in Currency Management.

Currency Management Training Programs include:

  • Customer Service Training
  • Collection of Cash & Valuables – Tactical Planning
  • Training of Security Checkpoint Procedures
  • Audit Trails
  • Collection Methodologies

Both rigorous and thorough, our programs educate both management and staff in Currency Management procedures, protocols and behaviours to minimise risks and prevent loss through security breaches.

Applying the Red Lion Security principle of creating a positive security presence, training modules include training in customer friendly security. Encouraging an approach where staff help, respect and protect.

Evaluation methods ensure that staff have achieved required competency standards. Ongoing support and evaluation can be provided to maintain consistency and induction of new staff at regular intervals as required.