Cash in transit


Cash is an important part of business but it consumes a lot of resources. For example, you need:

  • people to validate the cash and verify totals.
  • security resources to protect your cash from external threats and internal theft.
  • facilities, management expertise, software and hardware for counting, transporting and storing your cash.

A safer and more cost effective solution is to outsource your cash operations to Red Lion Security. We will ensure your cash movement is safely banked.

Your cash or valuables can be accompanied by armed personnel before being deposited at a specified destination.

With a thorough understanding of your requirements, we make use of technology to plan routes effectively and track vehicles accurately, enabling us to provide prompt and efficient service at all times.

We can handle your cash in a highly secure manner and subject to the constant scrutiny of surveillance equipment. Our well trained staff undertake the processing, verification, packing and even depositing of cash.

Red Lion Security also provides a full coin processing service, including coin verification and sorting, coin counting, coin storage and change order processing.

By outsourcing your Cash Management function, your manpower can be more effectively deployed, leading to higher productivity, the mitigation of insurance claims and increased safety.